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(updated 12/5/2016)
Member ship dues are now due for the 2017 calendar year.  For your convience  we have a paypal account.  Simply select membership choice and the "Subscribe" button  below and you will be prompted for your payment form of choice.
Individual membership    $25
Family membership         $30
Student membership        $10
Membership options

Alternately you can return the membership application form.

Membership policies. Membership dues schedule.

We invite all Orchid Enthusiasts and those newly interested to join us in a meeting or two to see what we are all about.  If you find our organization beneficial to your life and the world then we encourge you to become a member.

Here are a few of the benefits of becoming a member:

• The annual membership includes:

8-9 membership meetings, each with an educational program
8-9 beginners sessions which include growing culture of orchids
Free admission to our two annual orchid shows (usually at Krohn Conservatory) Prodives a great opportunity to see great orchid displays, show your orchids, and buy unusual orchids and supplies from vendors
July All day Summer Seminar (at Civic Garden Center; registration fee required)
8-9 newsletters
December Holiday party (small fee required)

• Information about other orchid events, field trips, greenhouse visits, etc.
• Mentoring from other orchid lovers who can give you great tips.
• Help on how to solve problems or prevent them!
• Opportunities to travel with friends to orchid conventions
• Opportunity to be involved in meaningful orchid conservation!
• Occasional opportunities for group discount purchases
• Many horticultural businesses honor our membership cards with discounts

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